The Patronage of the Dassault Group

For over 30 years, the Dassault Group has conducted an active patronage policy that embodies its values of commitment, passion, innovation, and excellence. These are shared by all employees and contribute to their motivation to ensure the smooth operation of the subsidiaries and their sustainability.

Mindful of the social and societal utility of its initiatives, the Dassault Group has identified major sectors in which it is fully invested:

The Dassault Group and Paris Opera Competition

For 10 years, the Dassault Group has supported and accompanied the Paris Opera Competition, a contest for young opera singers under 32.

In the spirit of continuing the prize created by Pierre Vernes, aware of the difficulties young opera singers face in becoming known to the general public and in finding engagements with professionals, the Dassault Group became in 2017 the main partner of the Paris Opera Competition.

The many qualities of the young artists participating in this contest, such as self-improvement, rigor, and passion, correspond to the values of the company. The Dassault Group is very proud and happy to be the official partner and to support music and opera in Paris, in order to promote the competition and the selected young talents.

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